Hall of Fame


Golden Drum New Europe Hall of Fame

A wall is just a wall. But whoever’s name is inscribed on it, briefly brushes against immortality. Then a wall becomes The Wall.

If Golden Drum had but one passionate and faithful friend his name is Ulrich. When he first came to Portorož and Golden Drum in the beginning of the third millennium, he felt in love with Festival as well as its idea and mission. And as he is very amiable and open-minded man, he found here many true friends. He was the brilliant ambassador of Golden Drum long before he became the official one. Ulrich was three times member of the Golden Drum jury.

Thanks to him and to his personal engagement, Golden Drum had some world class speakers and friends. And needless to say, he was the ardent and master speaker for many times sharing his professional experience. Ulrich is also a true ambassador of agency’s core theory on Distruption. We all know and appreciate his passion for being great disruptor, passion for brands and success in the future.

On behalf of the Golden Drum Festival we wholeheartedly thank Ulrich for his valuable, professional contribution to the creative industry of New Europe.

Ulrich Proeschel
Vice-President Business Development, TBWA\Europe

Ulrich Proeschel is responsible for driving growth for TBWA and its clients by connecting talent, clients and prospects to create greater value. Based out of Berlin and Paris, he has recently worked with brands such as Heineken, KAYAK, McDonald’s and Deutsche Telekom. He joined TBWA in 2002.

Proeschel began his career with Mercedes-Benz. Next he joined Huth + Wenzel, working for clients such as Mercedes-Benz and Dresdner Bank. Prior to joining TBWA he worked as Director of Marketing and Communications for Razorfish, Germany.

During his time at TBWA he has become an ambassador for the agency’s core theory of Disruption. He comments: “Disruption turns the ‘we are hoping for growth’ attitude into an active ‘we create business’ process. It is a simple, intuitive idea that has delivered proven success over many years. I’m confident that the brands practising Disruption today are those that will be the most sustainable in the future.”

Farid Chehab
Honorary Chairman and Advisor to the Board Leo Burnett MENA

Under his lead, Leo Burnett became the most awarded network of the Golden Drum in 2008 and 2009, while Leo Burnett Lebanon was awarded as the best agency in that same year.

In 2010 he was elected “Man of the Year” by Arab Ad, the leading communication magazine in the MENA region, in recognition of Leo Burnett’s stellar performance in 2009 and for a decade of sustained outstanding creativity of the Leo Burnett network in the region.

Chehab is a talented speaker and an Author. His first book “A Bet for a National Conscience” which won a Grand Prix in Golden Dum in 2012, scored 12 million hits in its interactive version, became a print best seller in Lebanon, and is now contributing to a solution for the Lebanese national everlasting quagmire.

On behalf of the Golden Drum Festival we thank Farid for his valuable professional contribution to the creative industry of New Europe.

Juli Nemes

She started her career as an account manager at Hungexpo, the state-owned advertising agency in Hungary, after she graduated from university. In 1988, she founded Spot Advertising Agency with two of her colleagues, and became its creative director. The agency was successful from the start, serving high-profile clients such as Pepsi and IBM. In 1998, Spot was integrated into Lowe GGK Budapest. Nemes began working with Lintas, which had a fusion with GGK, in 2000. She worked for the new agency until 2002. From 2004 until her death, she was the creative director at Well Advertising.

Those who knew her praised Nemes for her industry knowledge and professionalism, which is evident from her leadership roles and much recognition. She was the chairman of the hanging committee of the Golden Drum Advertising Festival in Portorož, Slovenia. Several times she was member of the jury of Cresta NY. She won many Hungarian advertising awards, including Golden Razor awards at The Golden Razor Festival and the Golden Effie. Nemes cofounded the ADCH Art Directors Club Hungary, which aims to increase and support the advertising profession in Hungary. She was also involved in arts education at the University of Economics and at the University of Applied Arts.

The Association of the Communication Agencies in Hungary (MAKSZ) named a scholarship for young creative talent in her honour: the Nemes Juli Studentship.Under his direction, Leo Burnett MENA reached and maintained creative market dominance, setting the standards and step changing in 35 years of close collaboration with multi-national clients, the marketing and creative expectation of both Clients and Advertising Agencies in the Arab World.

Ami Hasan
Founder, Chief Creative Officer and Chairman of advertising agency hasan & partners, Finland

Though he comes from the northern part of Europe, he is very warm and witty person and when you know him a little better, you see his unique and stubborn advertising work has the same character. We tried many times to get him to Golden Drum without success. When he finally came as the President of the Jury in 2007, he was severe boss and judge, as he believed that the winners from Golden Drum should have the possibility to win at any other international advertising festival. Ami is excellent speaker and was also member of The Cup jury in the years 2007 and 2008.

Ami leads one of the most creative and successful agencies in the Nordic countries. The agency was founded in the middle of recession in 1991 and it quickly grew to be one of the biggest in Finland with several household brands as clients.

Today Hasan & partners works more and more with clients that see the whole of Nordic as their home market – some the whole of Europe or world - and Ami Hasan has had a front row seat witnessing several pan-Nordic mergers, the most recent ones being the telecom giant TeliaSonera and candy and chocolate marketer Cloetta-Fazer, who both are his agency’s clients.

Hasan & partners is also known for their ability to successfully launch brands and businesses that enter Finland. IKEA, Gigantti (El-Giganten/Dixon’s), Arla, Kotijäätelö (Hemglass) among others. After launching the Swedish interior chain in 1996 Hasan & partners has worked with IKEA in several European countries.

Hasan & partners has won numerous awards in most major international advertising shows like Cannes, Clio, Golden Drum, Eurobest, Epica, Cresta etc. The agency has also won more effectiveness awards than any other Finnish agency both in Finland and internationally, amongst them the Grand AME (Advertising & Marketing Effectiveness) in New York.

Ami Hasan originally studied architecture but later switched to advertising and he is one of the few multitalented advertising people who have successfully worked as an Art Director, copywriter, account director, Creative Director, managing director and chairman. During his entrepreneurial career of about 20 years he has started two creative agencies and later sold them to big multinational advertising companies.

Ami Hasan sat two times in the jury of Cannes International Advertising Festival, two times in the Clio jury as well as D&AD and several other international and national advertising awards. He is also a well-known lecturer of advertising and brand building in several universities and seminars in Finland and Scandinavia and has also held speeches in advertising events in several European countries as well as in Japan and US.

The Finnish Art Director’s Club granted him their Platinium Award 1997.


Thanks to Jure and Meta, the Golden Drum Festival has been put on the map of the World's most prominent and important advertising festivals. It is this festival that brings together representatives of advertising, prominent guests and speakers, a festival that teaches, rewards and celebrates. As Mr. Apih said time and again, the motto of the festival is - "Sharp competition, good school, crazy party and devilish challenge". That was and will remain key guidance for the future, thus distinguishing the Golden Drum Festival from other festivals.

This is a recognition for the years of work in creating and developing the Golden Drum Festival as it represents an outstanding value and importance, not only for the advertising profession in Slovenia, but also internationally. My name on Bernardin's wall of fame is a great reward that I am very proud of. I understand it as confirmation, reminder and an action of gratitude of all those people that helped Golden Drum to become as it is. Without all the enthusiasm and love it wouldn't become such a great festival. Recognition not only in our industry not only in countries across New Europe but much wider has driven us to innovate and create. Bitter sweet was the knowledge that our ideas were used by many creators of other similar festivals across the world. The head and the hart of our organisation team was of course Jure Apih I was just the neck and many many great co-workers synchronized body.
Meta Dobnikar

The fact that my name will stay on The wall at least as long as the glue on marble Bernardin will hold is a small patch on my wounded ego. The knowing that the world still turns around even if I am not there has nothing to do with vanity. Two steps forward, one backward is love dance which goes two steps forward again.
Jure Apih


Adrian Botan is the Golden Drum's Orpheus. His tunes are proof that creativity in advertising is a privilege of the rich – rich in stubbornness and in heart. His visual talent has won all awards at the Golden Drum, and his confidence in the Genius loci, the spirit of the place, has convinced the last doubters that the New Europe is to succeed in its own way.


Michael Conrad is the Golden Drum's Godfather and the initiator of New Europe's creativity. From the very top of a multinational agency he has been the first to have responded to the Golden Drum's invitation. He bravely supported the home-grown creative energies of Leo Burnett's Polish, Czech, and Romanian ad people. He has helped the Golden Drum to raise the quality standard and thus its reputation. He has made his competitors think of the New European markets and the advertising industry in no uncertain terms. If the Golden Drum had but one friend, it would certainly be Michael Conrad.


Ivan Čimburov is the Golden BARABAN. When the Golden Drum was making its first cautious steps, the vast creativity of his Russian soul raised the quality standards to the top of Europe and beyond. Twelve times he has stood on the winners' podium, he was a great jury president, and he made all of the New Europe proud when he was joint Master of Ceremonies at the closing Gala with Bob Garfield.

Ivan Chimburov & NECreativity:
I am Russian, NECreativity is international
I am older than “New Europe”, hence I am older than NECreativity
I am more willing to come if anybody calls me, than NECreativity
Unfortunately, NECreativity is much ‘richer’ than me and has more friends


Jan Mariusz Demner is a grand master of the advertising craft. Although he has a good view across the Austrian peaks and although sometimes Europe seems too small for him, his soul nevertheless belongs to a space that used to have been governed by his people. Today, when we are back together again, he has been with us on stage of the Golden Drum Academy, on the winner’s podium, and also on the dance floor. His agency has won more awards than any other from Austria.


Jiri Mikeš has exclaimed the Golden Drum's first YES. As a secretary general of the Czech advertising agencies association he was the first to have heard of the Golden Drum, understood it, supported it and promoted its growth and excellence. He was the Golden Drum's first ambassador and extremely important both at home and at the European Association EACA for establishment of the festival and the advertising industry in the Czech Republic and the New Europe.


Milka Pogliani is the Golden Drum's First Lady. Without any loud drumming she has come on stage and instantly won all hearts. Softly, but decisively she pulls the golden strings that steer a major corporation on the path of a new creativity. She understands and encourages, helps and nurtures; she opens the doors and pushes forward those who need a light. Without her leadership McCann wouldn't have won the greatest accolade twice, and in the whole of New Europe there would have been less precious stones.

„I confess: I am as curious as a cat….and so when I heard about Golden Drum for the first time many years ago, I decided – despite the smirks of some European colleagues – to go and take a look. And what a surprise! Perhaps the work coming out of New Europe wasn’t yet up to the standards of important international Festivals, but what originality, what passion….and so much talent!  Since then I have been a faithful guest of Golden Drum and each time have felt the same sensations. To rediscover the roots and culture of countries with great literary, artistic and cinematographic traditions, and to see the quality of New Europe’s ideas grow: this for me is what Golden Drum stands for.“ (Milka Pogliani)


Daniel Ružička is an adman with insight and inspiration. He creates ads in such a way as they should have been to charge the economy, help people and make the world a better place. Genius loci is his guardian angel. The right way forward follows his footsteps.

„Few more words about me and Golden drum…

It was not only me but also all my colleagues from Czech advertising scene who played very important role in the beginning of Golden drum festival. I hope we helped  a lot to market his festival where it is today -by sending work every year, by attending  this festival every year, by not giving up every year -  to make this event  famous across the advertising world.“

DRAGAN SAKAN († 3. 10. 2010)

Dragan Sakan was the legend of New Europe's advertising. It was not only his job, but his life. He has arrived in his shorts, and become the best known ad man of the South-Eastern Europe. His agency has been the agency of the year, he struggled through some difficult partnerships and other tough times, but he has always come back stronger. Piran's Ideas Campus, Pretty Woman and New Blondy were the last cherries on the big cake of his successful career. More than anyone he marked the pioneer’s time of advertising industry he belonged to. And he left, when he achieved all that is possible in this space.


Juraj Vaculik demonstrates the great potential of the Golden Drum. When he had visited the festival for the first time, he made a pledge that one day he will conquer it. He put everybody in his agency on a private bus and brought them to Portorož to inspire them with a mission and ambition. He wears two golden watches for top creative directors and proudly displays the Grand Prix at his agency's headquarters.

„Me and New European Creativity… It’s a highly emotional relationship, passionate, full of expectations, plans, and although there is sometimes, as it is always a disappointment and fatigue present but the relationship still works, and I believe it truly is the one that is destined to be long-lasting and is worth all the everyday struggle.“


Vital Verlič and Futura have been the best agency of the New Europe three times. His world-class production standards and always fresh creative drive have constantly been raising the bar of New Europe's advertising industry.


Darek Zatorski is the New Europe's enfant terrible: his name is at no fewer than 49 Bronze, Silver and Golden Drums and Grand Prix. He has put on no less than 7 golden watches for creative directors of the very best advertising campaigns. In three agencies he has proved there is no old or new European advertising, but only poor, good, and excellent.

“He has worked in the Polish advertising industry as long as the business has existed. He spent ten and two years successively at Leo Burnett and JWT before he joined DDB in May 2008. Darek doesn’t believe in New or Old Europe advertising, only good or bad one. That is why he thinks we still have here a long way to go.”


Jarek Ziebinski personifies the New Europe. His refined instinct and everlasting enthusiasm have fueled growth of his industry, nation, agency family and the Golden Drum. He was at the helm of the best agency in the New Europe for the first time with Leo Burnett Warsaw, and then five more times as chairman of the agency's European board with their Czech, Romanian and Lebanese teams.

“When the solidarity of millions created New Europe at the end of eighties, we have regained our freedom and hope. I will never forget this moment in history, as it entirely shaped my future.

I was mature enough to understand what has happened and young enough to start my new life in the new exciting reality. Among all the changes in Poland, advertising quickly became the most magnetic profession of all. It was tempting young creative people of different backgrounds and I simply couldn’t resist the opportunity to be part of the industry that immediately became a symbol of new times. In no time, Leo Burnett became my new family and advertising turned into my new lifestyle.

When I visited Portoroz for the first time in 1996 I didn't know that I will not miss the Golden Drum - Advertising Festival of New Europe for the next 15 years. I was coming here to smell creativity from all over the region, meet friends, learn, compete and win. The huge Golden Drum archives reflect the evolution of creativity in advertising across Central and Eastern Europe and I am happy to see so many finger prints of my fellow Burnetters in there.

Across countries of Central and Eastern Europe, creativity in our business has come a long way. From the invasion of western global brands in the early nineties, that brought with them their international campaigns for local market adaptation to the tsunami of fresh, original ideas that are created locally for international and domestic brands. From an industry that used to be dominated by global networks, to one that sees the birth of dynamic local agencies full of great creative talents.

While endless waves of 30-seconds TV commercials used to dominate, integrated campaigns that spread like wildfire through new media is the norm today. In a People Era that sees millions of people empowered by internet and mobile phones, the power has shifted from the marketers into the hands of people.

Fascinating times, it was a great privilege for me to be a part of this vibrant period of change and contribute to the great shape of our industry as it looks today in New Europe.”