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Campaign name: Flagman
Year/ID: 2014 / A_01_001_G14
Group: A. Film (television, cinema & online)
Subgroup: 01. Food
Product and services: TM Flagman""Registrant: TabascoCountry: UKRAINEBrand name: TM Flagman""Advertising agency, city: Tabasco, KievArt director: Svetlana GorovenkoExecutive Creative Director: Alexander SmirnovCopywriter: Oleg ZavgorodnyyCreative director: Valentin MinchukAccount Director / Manager: Olga RozaPost Production: Terminal FXProduction Company: 2332Music: Baker Street
Other credits: RED production

Creative idea explanation: When Flagman experts select the fish at the best fish markets worldwide, they select it also for own children.