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Real food delights - steak

Campaign name: Real food delights
Year/ID: 2014 / A_01_006_G14
Group: A. Film (television, cinema & online)
Subgroup: 01. Food
Product and services: Chain restaurantEntry Series: Real food delightsRegistrant: WMC GreyCountry: CZECH REPUBLICBrand name: AmbienteAdvertising agency, city: WMC Grey, PragueArt director: Roman HynekCopywriter: Mikoláš KarasCreative director: David SudaDirector of Photography: Alexander ŠurkalaProduction Company: Lucky Man FilmsDirector: Matěj Chlupáček, Michal Sajmir
Creative idea explanation: Ambiente is a chain of premium gastronomic restaurants. Eating any meal in Ambiente equals real supreme food experience.