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Campaign name: Budweiser Budvar B:DARK
Year/ID: 2014 / A_02_001_G14
Group: A. Film (television, cinema & online)
Subgroup: 02. Drinks
Award: Golden Drum
Product and services: Alcoholic drinkRegistrant: Kaspen/Jung von MattCountry: CZECH REPUBLICBrand name: Budweiser BudvarAdvertising agency, city: Kaspen/Jung von Matt, PragueExecutive Creative Director: Lester TullettCopywriter: Milos KociProduction Company: SavageMusic: Michal PelantDirector: Wolfberg
Creative idea explanation: Like in other countries, most Czech beer commercials always depict beer drinking men as happy. Happy at parties, at pubs, at grills and during a game since their team always wins. Happy, happy, happy. But men’s reality isn’t always happy. If so why would there be a common Czech expression “going for a dark one”. Translation: “going to the pub for a bitch and a moan”. Budweiser Budvar brewery decided that at least one beer should stand up for that normal guy in a bad mood. And luckily they had a beer on the bill. Budweiser Budvar B:Dark.