Golden Drum's Columns


Editorial Policy

Golden Drum's Columns started in August 2011 as a way to offer our Golden Drummers Online Society interesting topics and latest news from the world of advertising, creativity, public relations, communications management, media buying, digital communication, social media, design and other areas of communications industry. The goal was to create a healthy professional environment where Drummers can discuss issues at hand, offer their views and comments with respect on the thoughts of the others. 

The first author of the Golden Drum's Column was Martin Mol, Owner & CD/CW at MolConcepts. We soon found other guest writers who wrote about diverse topics relevant to the Golden Drummers Online society. Plans are that Golden Drum’s Columns section, located at our Facebook profile will continue to expand with guest writers from other areas including past and future speakers, members of the Juries and other professionals who have interesting topics to share with other drummers. 

Editor’s rules for writers
The most important rule when writing a column is that content must be king. Topic, discussed in the column must not be previously published elswhere and must be relevant for other drummers who consist mostly of communication experts with diverse background ranging from creative and art directors, communication consultants, advertising experts - accountants and directors alike, public relations experts, media consultants, journalists and others involved in the communication industry. 

If you have something interesting to share with others, please do, but here comes the second rule: keep it simple and to the point. It’s great that you have a lot to write about, but our readers want to read short, interesting stories that begin with a wakeup call and end with a zing that will ring in their minds in the days that follow. Therefore a single column should consist of no more than 250 to 600 words maximum.  Lengthier columns will be put up for review and proposed to shorten. Better to make 2 or 3 columns out of a longer one than to stretch a perfectly interesting read to a length where readers might lose their interest. 

The third rule is more of a suggestion, but an important one nevertheless: please try to make a visual for your column. You can label it with the designers/photographers name (plus link to their website if you want), but try to attach it to your column. Your column will be more attractive that way, providing visual support to your words and satisfying those who are more of a visual type. The file should be JPG, at least 800X600px and 300 dpi. 

The fourth rule, again more of a suggestion, follows the first rule – content is the king. Please try to keep the self promotion part of the author, company, product or service to the minimum. We understand that you want to show your work and where you are good at to other drummers and we even support that good ideas should get promoted, but please keep in mind that drummers want to hear what you have to say about a certain topic. If they like your writing, they will find you and explore your work on their own terms. As said before – content must be the king

Fifth rule: have fun when writing the columns. If you have a brilliant idea you want to share, you have seen some interesting bit of communication done somewhere and you would like to comment on it, please do but (!) please try not to maliciously attack other peoples work. Its easy being a critic or a general after the battle as the saying goes, but much harder to make a choice and actually produce a work that will try to improve something, solve a problem or make people think. Be respectful to others and try to make constructive critiques by offering solutions. That way, you can contribute to an even higher level of quality communication.

Editorial note for the writers!
Golden Drum’s organizers reserve the right to manage Golden Drum’s Columns in any way they choose to. Writers should be aware that no payment will be made to contributing authors as this project is run on the basis of mutual benefit: authors provide interesting, free content for the use of Golden Drum’s communication activities and in return get the promotion and prestige among fans and followers of Golden Drum. Golden Drum also reserves the right to offer the content of Golden Drum’s Columns to other media (third parties) as they see fit, but also in the sense of free promotion of the author and Golden Drum Festival (no payment whatsoever can be demanded from media, author or organizers of Golden Drum Festival). The author shall retain all moral rights on the column submitted and is free to share that column with whatever media (third party) he/she sees fit, without the necessity of statement that it is a Golden Drum’s Column. But the author with his/hers submission of the column transfers all other legal (material) rights, regarding the column, to Golden Drum’s organizers. Golden Drum’s organizers in return shall ensure that the author’s columns will be published in the form they see fit, at a time and place of their choosing and without any grammatical mistakes that may be discovered in the text. The organizers also retain the right to make editorial changes, with the consent of the author, as and when needed.

Want to contribute? 
If you would like to contribute to Golden Drum’s Columns, please send us your proposal along with a short description of the topic you would like to cover, approximate date of when you can send us your column (English proofed if possible) along with the visual and a line or two about who you are. We welcome students, professors, professionals, writers and seasoned creatives alike. You can send us your proposals in Word/JPG format to and we will try to answer you as soon as possible.

Golden Drum’s online editorial team