21st Golden Drum: PR Academy & Branding Academy

25. September 2014

Drumming is getting louder with only 11 days before the 21st Golden Drum Festival starts in Portorož, Slovenia. Top speakers, great networking opportunities, lots to see and do, all in the beautiful seaside towns of Portorož & Piran. Now is the time to register for the festival and experience one of the biggest advertising events in Europe. Don't miss the special offers for delegates and join your colleagues for the thrill ride of 2014. Sea, Sun and Golden Drum await!

Young creatives, you have one more day to Help to learn the World by submitting you work in this year's Beat the Drum for Change 2014.

21st Golden Drum Program: PR Academy & Branding Academy

In 11 days in Portorož, 21st Golden Drum will once again gather the best minds of creative industry. To see the whole program, please check the Program Schedule.

Sebastian Hejnowski (@shejnowski) is a Chief Executive Officer of MSLGROUP in Poland, responsible for operations in Central and Eastern Europe. Sebastian has several years of experience in consulting and marketing communications, and has been awarded the "PR individual of the Year 2013" Award in a poll taken by Polish PR industry's internet portal PRoto. Managing Ciszewski MSL, Sebastian had won the "Agency of the Year" Award in Poland; twice, as well as a series of other international distinctions.Sebastian began his work with Ciszewski MSL in 2004.    

Ekaterina Lavrova works in communication industry since 2006 and has participated in concept development and organization of several international events dedicated to communication. World Communication Forum in Davos and EuroViral Festival in Burgas are among them. In 2011 Ekaterina came to Depot WPF. She is responsible for development and implementation of the company’s PR-strategу, serves as the brand ambassador and contact person for corporate relations; maintains and enhances Depot WPF’s corporate image. 

Katerina Kondratenko is a Marketing Director Chocolate at Nestle Russia LLC. She has joined Nestle back in 2002, while still being a student. During her 12,5 years in Nestle team she has received profound experience in all key generating demand areas of Nestle in Russia: field sales management, key account management, channel management, category management, trade marketing and consumer marketing.

Frank Swolfs is a CEO at STRATMoRE & President at European Packaging Design Association. He has worked for eight years as marketeer for Gillette, Pioneer and Reed Elsevier before he became owner of STRATMoRE. Since 1997, he developed this agency towards an international company, which blends design and advertising into new business skills and new creative products. Frank Swolfs also performs as the president of European Packaging Design Association, which represents a total of more than 1.000 designers all across Europe.

PR Academy by MSLGROUP: The art of data driven influential storytelling
Sebastian Hejnowski, CEO at MSLGROUP

Wednesday, 8 October, 17:15, Emerald Hall

The evolving digital sphere delivers new paths to influence each day. No matter the audience – average consumer, key stakeholders, media or employees – a meaningful story must be told to engage and inspire. Let’s discuss how to effectively integrate big data insight into the creative process to shape and curate stories and conversations that influence people. MSLGROUP is different than other digital agencies - we’ve always put influence at the center, and we have been influencing audiences with our stories through every channel along the way. Our approach hasn’t changed but what we do daily has.

Branding Academy
Katerina Kondratenko, Marketing Director Chocolate, Nestle Russia LLC,
Ekaterina Lavrova, PR Director, Depot WPF, 
Frank Swolfs, CEO at STRATMoRE & President at European Packaging Design Association

Friday, 10 October, 10:00, Emerald Hall

Creating long-term sustainable partnership with multinationals. Nowadays.Changing environment externally and internally for big multinationals How to ensure business model sustainability in a new reality What multinationals lack to face new reality and how agencies can help us From agency to partner. Common path to success.
Speaker: Katerina Kondratenko

Branding comes alive: how to breed advertising out of packagingThose who develop brand platforms, create brand characters and choose corporate colours seem to be so far away from creative admen. But not that far!
Speaker: Ekaterina Lavrova

Digital branding is dead, long live media branding Brandowners and brand designers/advertising agencies all are working to create great digital performances for their brands. But what if we have to accept that within some time we no longer own the brand, but our clients/consumers do own it. Brandowners only provide a infrastructure for the brand, consumers define its looks and image. Speaker: Frank Swolfs  

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