Golden Drum New Europe Hall of Fame welcomes Ulrich Proeschel

08. October 2014

Today it is our great honour and pleasure to announce new member of the Golden Drum New Europe Hall of Fame. It is to celebrate those who through their professional career and personal life influenced our creative minds and souls, who inspired, motivated us and who guide us and move us forward in our endeavours.

New member of the Golden Drum New Europe Hall of Fame is nominated and chosen by all its present members.

We are humbled and honoured to welcome Ulrich Proeschel, Vice-President Business Development, TBWA\Europe, to the Golden Drum New Europe Hall of Fame.

If Golden Drum had but one passionate and faithful friend his name is Ulrich. When he first came to Portorož and Golden Drum in the beginning of the third millennium, he felt in love with Festival as well as its idea and mission. And as he is very amiable and open-minded man, he found here many true friends. He was the brilliant ambassador of Golden Drum long before he became the official one. Ulrich was three times member of the Golden Drum jury.

Thanks to him and to his personal engagement, Golden Drum had some world class speakers and friends. And needless to say, he was the ardent and master speaker for many times sharing his professional experience. Ulrich is also a true ambassador of agency’s core theory on Distruption. We all know and appreciate his passion for being great disruptor, passion for brands and success in the future.

On behalf of the Golden Drum Festival we wholeheartedly thank Ulrich for his valuable, professional contribution to the creative industry of New Europe.

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