Mitja Petrovič appointed Director Business & Content Development of the Golden Drum Festival

26. February 2015

Golden Drum is proud to announce that this year, Mitja Petrovič, advertising industry veteran and a long-time friend and supporter of the festival, has been appointed to a position Director of Business & Content Development, Golden Drum Festival.

His prime role and responsibilities will be helping Barbara Krajnc, Executive Director of the Golden Drum Festival, with this year’s Jury nomination & selection and setting-up the Festival program, selecting keynote speakers.

Barbara Krajnc
, Executive Director of the Golden Drum Festival announced Mitja’s appointment with the following words of support: “Mitja is an industry veteran, a well-known and respected person & mentor, who possess vast experience in creative industry, in particular on the agency side, and has been awarded many times. I am very excited to have Mitja on board with us as I feel this year’s 22nd Golden Drum will be even better and more interesting also because of his contribution, fresh ideas and views.”

Mitja Petrovič
, Director Business & Content Development of Golden Drum Festival, commented his appointment: “I am in many ways a child of Golden Drum – a typical representative of the generation that walked its first advertising steps in Portorož. I therefore feel extremely privileged to be able to help Barbara and the Festival.“

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