Sochi after Sochi; Art, Copy & Code is calling All Makers

23. September 2014

 In exactly 2 weeks time in Portorož, 21st Golden Drum will once again set the pace of creative industry. To see the whole program, please check the Program Schedule. Please keep in mind that the extended deadline for the Beat the Drum for a Change 2014 Deadline ends on 26 September 2014.


Golden Drum Program 2014: Sochi after Sochi and Google Workshop: Art, Copy & Code: Calling All Makers

To see the whole program of the 21st Golden Drum Festival, please check the Program Schedule.

Alexander Chizhikov is the Head of Strategy at Articul media and a Digital Strategy Teacher at Wordshop Academy of Communication in Moscow. He is brand & communications planner providing clients with a wide range of strategic services: brand strategy development (new brands & repositioning), integrated communication planning, digital strategy. Stella Svyatskaya is a 360° Senior Manager at OMD OM Group, Moscow. She joined OMD OM Group in 2011 and focused on special projects in digital developing campaigns for key clients such as PepsiCo, McDonald’s, Visa, Renault, Nissan, HTC, HP, Estee Lauder and Henkel. In 2014, she became part of the first 360° team inside the agency, working on integrated campaigns, opening new opportunities for clients to achieve better results. 

Mike Glaser is a Marketing lead at Google Creative Partnership where he leads a group of marketers, technologists, creatives and producers with a vision to re-imagine how brand marketing comes to life on Google’s media and platforms. Most recently, Mike led partnership projects with Nike, Electronic Arts, and Burberry as part of Google’s Art, Copy & Code initiative ( Prior to joining Google, Mike held roles in brand management at The Coca-Cola Company and production at TMX Communications.   

Sochi after Sochi: Digital strategy behind the Sochi-2014 Alexander Chizhikov, Head of strategy at Articul Media

Friday, 10 October, 16:45, Emerald Hall

How to create a digital experience that will win hearts & minds of your consumers? How to win the consumer attention in the digital age? We invite you to gain inspiration from the world’s biggest “digital campaign” - first ever “digital” winter Olympics. We’ll sneak behind the Olympic scenes to and uncover major “learnings” we’ve got from planning and executing the Sochi-2014 digital experience in lecture Sochi after Sochi: Digital strategy behind the Sochi-2014.

Sochi after Sochi : Sochi 2014: Moment of truth for New Media and Trends
Stella Svyatskaya, 360° Senior Manager at OMD OM Group, Moscow

Friday, 10 October, 17:30, Emerald Hall

An expert assessment of trends and new media implementation in Sochi 2014: how Sochi Olympics recruited new media and how global brands succeeded in combining new technologies, advertising, and high media coverage, and adapted their campaigns for the local market. Feel the Olympic spirit in Sochi after Sochi : Sochi 2014: Moment of truth for New Media and Trends.

Google Workshop: Art, Copy & Code: Calling All Makers Mike Glaser, Marketing Lead at Google Creative Partnerships

Friday, 10 October, 11:00, Emerald Hall

Google's Art, Copy & Code team is a group of creative technologists, strategists and designers working at the intersection of Google's marketing and engineering teams, to create new ways for brands to connect with consumers. In this in-depth workshop, we’re going to be giving you a full immersion into the strategic insights, creative process and technological builds that led to our latest campaigns.Recommended for all those who want to know their users; connect with them in new ways; and take advantage of all this new technology to stay ahead. Don't miss Google Workshop: Art, Copy & Code: Calling All Makers.  

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